Offering an extraordinary experience through accommodations

Tsukushi Good Smile Tsurui Branch
Shizu Shibata
Born in Kushiro City. She currently works for Tsukushi Good Smile, a construction and real estate firm based in Kushiro. She manages the Tsukushi Village rental villas in Tsurui. She makes use of her expertise to provide people with living spaces that offer something extra.

Offering a unique living space that lets you feel the nature of Tsurui

Shizu Shibata entered the real estate industry in 2013 as a part-time accounting clerk. After becoming a full-time employee two years later, the company president appointed her to handle a new accommodation facility that was still in its conceptual stage.

Shibata-san says that what makes Tsukushi Good Smile different are the little extras they provide in the villas they offer. Their concept is to offer something out of the ordinary, something different from everyday life. Some of the things they offer include second living rooms and yoga or meditation spaces. It is from this kind of concept that Tsukushi Village was born. Shibata-san found this project quite interesting and saw it as a new kind of challenge for a real estate company.

In 2018, Tsukushi Village started operating in Tsurui Village as a simple accommodation facility. The villas have been acclaimed by guests for being a living space embraced in the nature of Tsurui. You can enjoy a barbecue while breathing the fresh air of Tsurui, or enjoy a view of nature from the villa’s large windows.

Guests that stay at Tsukushi Village range from solo travellers to families. Since there are three villas, extended families or other large groups can come and enjoy together then stay at separate houses at night. Previously, most guests used it as a summer retreat, staying for several weeks. But recently, guests staying just one or two nights have become more common.

Shibata-san admits that the accommodation business can be both fun and trying at times. Having experienced the pains of the business side, nowadays she tries to check-in as early as possible when she travels and stays at a hotel.

Above all else, she believes the charm of Tsurui lies in its rich nature. She enjoy seeing rare butterflies and watching wild birds, especially the red-crowned cranes. Since the villas are located close to Tsurumidai, guests can sometimes see red-crowned cranes in low flight, a sight that Shibata-san herself finds breathtaking.

Tsukushi Good Smile is a member of the Tsurui Village Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Shibata-san often meets with other members. She hopes to be able to start new projects that offer more to the village. Some of the things she has planned include building an apartment and a model house. She wants to make use of her work and expertise to support the lives of the locals.

Shibata-san says the she enjoys her daily car commute from Kushiro to Tsurui. It is as if she is escaping the bustle of everyday life and entering an extraordinary place of nature.