Work Creatively while Enjoying the Nature

An age where we can freely choose our own lifestyles

Tsurui Village offers the perfect environment for a working vacation,where you can work while getting in touch with natureand while spending time with family and friends.Go on a workation in Tsurui Village and work remotely in the midst of great nature.

A place of vast, beautiful nature that changes with the seasons

Embraced by the Kushiro Shitsugen National Park,Tsurui Village is home to many wild animals,including the famous Tancho red-crowned cranes.

Delicious local food and countless unforgettable experiences

Enjoy the hidden charms of Tsurui Village,from a local brand of pork and fresh dairy products,to a refreshing cycling tour with a local guide.

Get more work done with a refreshed mind and body

Find your favorite spot in the villagewhere you can concentrate on your work.A deck with a view of the Akan mountains,or a restaurant that offers free Wi-Fi.It’s a totally different experiencefrom a regular desk job in the office.

Workation in Tsurui Village E-book
Workation in Tsurui Village

A guide offering various workation-related information, from long-stay lodges to restaurants with working spaces.