About Tsurui Village Tourism Association

Organization Overview

NameTsurui Village Tourism Association
AddressTsurui Nishi 1-1, Tsurui-mura, Akan-gun, Hokkaido 085-1203
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Established27 September 2012
ObjectivesTo develop and promote the tourism industry in Tsurui Village through the following activities:
・Survey, develop, and preserve tourism sites and resources
・Make proposals for the maintenance and promotion of transportation routes and tourist facilities
・Introduce and promote tourism contents and attracts tourists to the village
・Make proposals for the improvement of accommodation facilities
・Develop souvenir products and assist in their sales
・Contribute to the development of the local culture and economy
PresidentMasahiro Wada
No. of membersFull members: 36
Supporting members: 32
(as of December 2020)