About Tsurui Village Tourism Association

Organization Overview

NameTsurui Village Tourism Association
AddressTsurui Nishi 1-1, Tsurui-mura, Akan-gun, Hokkaido 085-1203
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Established27 September 2012
ObjectivesTsurui is a small village of around 2,600 people. It is known for being a home of the Tancho red-crowned cranes, and for its pastoral scenes of cows grazing on meadows. Come and see the cranes and the starry night skies, work at the dairy farms, or meet the local residents. These are some of the extraordinary experiences offered by Tsurui.
The Association aims to promote and implement long-stay tourism in Tsurui Village and revitalize the region by leveraging its people, nature, and rural landscape.
ActivitiesMain Activities
PresidentMasahiro Wada:
Working with our member organizations, the Association works to establish long-stay tourism in Tsurui Village through the leverage local resources. This includes organizing trial tours to identify tourist needs, promoting countryside stays, developing new tourism contents, and other initiatives.

Past Achievements:
We provided a free rental service of electric bicycles for tourists staying in Tsurui Village. Through a survey of its users, we found out that the service generally made visitors extend their stay. We also created various types of cycling courses (long course, hilly course, gravel road) in the village. In 2018, together with the Lake Mashu Tourism Association, we established a friendly agreement with the Taiwan Cyclist Federation to promote tourism exchange between our localities.

As part of our initiatives to welcome foreign tourists, we have held seminars for accommodation owners in the village, with the aim of increasing opportunities for communication between local residents and foreign visitors. We have also published a website and various tourism pamphlets in multiple languages.
No. of membersFull members: 36
Supporting members: 32
(as of December 2020)