A photographer in love with Tsurui Village

Hotel Taito Owner
Masahiro Wada
Born in 1956 in Tsurui Village, Hokkaido. He is a professional photographer and the owner of Hotel Taito which he opened in 2000. A multi-talented person, he also currently works as a chef and a nature guide. His hotel is frequented by photographers and nature lovers from all over the world.

Conveying his love for the village through photography and hospitality

As you enter the center of Tsurui Village, it’s hard to miss Hotel Taito with its unique European-style exterior. This hotel is said to be a microcosm of the village, with its free-flowing natural hot springs, delicious meals made with local ingredients, and a photographer owner who also serves as a nature guide. It’s a great place for visitors to experience the many blessings of Tsurui in one swoop.

As a nature guide, Masahiro Wada likes to take lodging guests around the nature of Tsurui. One of his most common excursions is to see the famous Japanese cranes, which can be seen in Tsurui all year round. He also gladly accepts requests for custom tours inside and outside of the village, creating a unique route that lets participants experience the best of the season. Unlike many photographers who can be described as self-absorbed, Wada-san is very friendly and open-hearted. Many of his guests are regulars who enjoy not only his hotel’s hospitality, but also his photography lessons and fun tours around the Kushiro Marsh.

What surprises many people is the fact that Wada-san is also a seasoned chef. At the hotel, he usually serves cheese fondue made with Tsurui cheese that goes well with the local vegetables. Many guests like to enjoy this tasty dish with a glass of wine.

Wada-san openly professes his love for Tsurui Village. The fact that he loves living here does not go unnoticed, and it even lets visitors realize the real charm of the place. If you’re looking to travel and experience Tsurui like a local, Wada-san is one the best people have around.