Arts and crafts borne out of village life

Gallery and Studio Aya-no-Kaze
Yasuko Ando
Born in 1940 in Kushiro City. She has been engaged in various arts and crafts, including leatherworking and stained glass. She holds exhibitions of her works all over Hokkaido, and has also served as a lecturer in a cultural school. She moved to Tsurui Village together with her husband in 1995. There, she opened the “Aya-no-Kaze” studio at her home. She says that her family is the source of her passion for her work.

Assimilating the essence of a prosperous rural life

Yasuko Ando’s gallery and studio “Aya-no-Kaze”, which also serves as her home, is located in the wilderness in the outskirts of Tsurui Village. This place is blessed with beautiful views of clear blue skies and vast green meadows, as well as the relaxing sounds of chirping birds and trees rustling in the wind. It is here in this tranquil environment where Ando-san spends most of her days making leather crafts and stained glass works.

Ando-san always makes it a point to be as natural and honest as possible, whether she is dealing with her family or her work. She finds beauty and meaning in everyday occurrences and experiences, such as plant buds sprouting in the spring, Japanese cranes frolicking in the green fields, the silent sound of falling snow, or simply having a meal at home with her family. She likes to approach people, objects, nature, and events with a healthy curiosity, drawing inspiration from them to produce new and unique works of art.

Ando-san is also fond of gardening, and working on her home garden is one her passions. With various flowers blooming in succession from spring to autumn, and stained glass works decorating the place here and there, the garden is like a scene from a fairy tale. On sunny mornings, she will sometimes go out to have breakfast and a cup of coffee in the garden table, where she can enjoy the chirping of the birds and the cool and gentle wind. Such is the richness of life in this place.

The gallery opens with a different theme for a limited time every year. The place has an atmosphere that seems to tell a captivating story.
Ando-san’s pride and joy, the beautiful garden is filled with lively green foliage.