A secluded cottage that welcomes travelers from all over

Farm Inn Torch
Miho Hirakawa
Born in Tokyo in 1974. She is an avid cyclist, having travelled around China, Taiwan, and Okinawa by bicycle in her twenties. In 2012, while living in Sado Island, Niigata Prefecture, she decided to move to Tsurui Village. She considers Eastern Hokkaido a paradise for wildlife, and holds a special fondness for horses. She opened Farm Inn Torch in 2014.

Experience a tranquil time in a place embraced by vast nature

Farm Inn Torch is a cottage located on top of a small hill at the end of a gently sloping road. The inn’s concept is to welcome travelers into a lively but modest home where people, horses, dogs, chickens, and rabbits live together. It is Hirakawa-san’s belief that travelers can make the most out of their stay in Tsurui by experiencing daily life in the village.

For Hirakawa-san, the real charm of Tsurui Village lies in its vast nature, with a near-total darkness perfect for enjoying the night sky, and a remoteness removed from the noise of human activity. These were some of the new experiences she enjoyed when she moved to Tsurui, and she finds great joy in sharing them with travelers who come to the village. In summer evenings, she also like to take visitors to see the fireflies flying around the swamp near the inn.

The inn offers guests a whole cottage for rent. From the cottage’s windows, you can enjoy a view of rolling hills, and small Dosanko horses grazing on the meadows beyond a fence. Bred and raised by Hirakawa-san herself, these friendly horses attracts many horse lovers who come to enjoy brushing or feeding them. In the woods beside the inn, there is also a hammock where guests can enjoy a relaxing read or an afternoon nap. At times, the curious horses might come and keep you company.

A stay in Farm Inn Torch embodies the life in Tsurui Village: a laid-back but luxurious life in tune with nature.

The cottage features large windows and a wood-burning stove. Guests can relax in the ambience and crackling sound of the burning wood.
Meet the inn’s friendly Dosanko horses. You might even see small foals among the herd