Shukubo Makigoya

An inn built like a loghouse

Shukubo Makigoya is an inn with an attached restaurant. The guest rooms have the feel of an attic, with large wooden beams stretching from the ceiling to the floor. The restaurant on the ground floor also has a rustic atmosphere, with a wood burning stove in the center. They serve dishes made with “kaiso pork”, a brand of pork from Kushiro that comes from pigs fed with seaweed. The soft meat is rich in minerals and has a lean taste with a tinge of sweetness. Popular menu items include the pork cutlet and pork chop. 

Shukubo Makigoya
Address Aza Hororo Genya Minami 1-sen 43-6, Tsurui-mura
Telephone 0154-65-2405
Business hours Check-in: 16:00
Check-out: 9:30
Restaurant: 11:30-15:00
Off Days Irregular closed days
Parking Available
Cashless Payment Available
Smoking Not available