Farm Inn Moomin

Experience slow life in the countryside

At this rental cottage operated by a dairy farmer, you can enjoy a peaceful time in the middle of vast pastoral scenery. The cozy interior includes a loft room as well as various electrical appliances so you can even cook your own meals. It’s a great place for a long stay, and you’ll surely come out with your mind and body refreshed.

3,000 yen per adult (1 night)
※Maximum 5 persons ※Long stay discount available. Inquire for details.

Farm Inn Moomin
Address Aza Hororo Kita 1-sen 8, Tsurui-mura
Telephone 0154-65-2347
Fax 0154-65-2347
Business hours Reception 9:00-20:00
Off Days Irregular closed days
Parking Available
Cashless Payment Not available
Smoking Available