Tancho ga Mieru Mise Doremifa-sora

A café with an English garden and a view of cranes

Doremifa-sora is a cafe and art gallery with an English garden. Since it is located beside the Tsurumidai feeding ground, you can watch Japanese cranes while enjoying a meal made with homegrown herbs, vegetables, and other fresh ingredients. On the 2nd floor, you can also see a gallery exhibiting the works of various crane photographers. It’s a great place to spend a relaxing time while savoring a healthy lunch.

Doremifa-sora serves healthy dishes made with local Tsurui ingredients. You can enjoy seasonal dishes with freshly harvested wild plants in spring, or herbs and crops taken straight from their vegetable garden from summer to autumn. You can even admire the view of the colorful garden from the windows of the cafe. You might also get to see deer and Japanese cranes while enjoying a meal on the second floor gallery.

Winter temperatures here can go as low as -27℃, causing the ground to freeze over. As the winter ends and the plants sprout to welcome the spring, the garden starts to get filled with fragrance and color. Summertime is a cool 22 to 25℃. With this unique climate, you can experience flower species and blooming periods different from the rest of Japan. You can also pick your own herbs from the garden and enjoy them as herbal tea. This garden is a place to experience the unique seasonal colors of Hokkaido.

Doremifa-sora also sells flower seedlings of perennial plants as well as herbs grown by their own staff, who will gladly help you with any gardening questions you may have. There are also a variety of gardening goods and pots by the British Royal Gardening Society.

Tancho ga Mieru Mise Doremifa-sora
Address Tsurumidai, Tsurui-mura
Telephone 0154-64-3987
Fax 0154-64-3987
Web site http://doremifasora.jp/
Business hours 8:30-17:00
Off Days Tuesday (open every day on Feb and Mar)
Parking Available
Foreign language response Available
Cashless Payment Available
Smoking Not available