Forest Road – Shimokuchoro Line

Shimokuchoro Line

●Length: Around 4.3 km
●Road type: Gravel road (paved in some parts)
Along this road that passes through a rich natural forest, there is an echo point where you can hear your voice reverberate if you shout loud enough towards a valley.
There is also a planted forest that is maintained through low-cost but environmentally-friendly forestry practices. This has led it to become a model for many forest road managers from around the country.

Forest Road – Shimokuchoro Line
Notes Important notes:
Forest roads are typically narrow with poor visibility in certain spots.
There is also the potential danger of rockfall and landslides.
Please observe the following when using forest roads:
・Drive safely and at lower speeds. Wear a helmet when riding a bike or motorcycle.
・Slow down at blind turns and beware of oncoming traffic.
・Beware of rockfall, landslides, and shoulder drop-offs.
・Do not enter gates that are marked as no entry.
・Beware of wild animals.
・Do not pick or remove the wild plants in the area.
・Turn your headlights on even during the day.