Otowabashi Bridge

A river that becomes a crane roost in winter

The Setsuri River that flows beneath the Otowabashi Bridge does not freeze over in winter, and the area becomes a precious roosting place for Japanese cranes. In early winter mornings, dozens of photographers from all over the world gather at this red bridge to capture a sight of the cranes roosting together, shrouded in the river mist.

Always observe proper manners

During the peak season in winter, large numbers of people visit the bridge. Please show consideration to others when finding a spot and setting up any equipment. Please keep your voice down and avoid making loud noises as this may disturb the wildlife. Observing proper manners is important to maintaining the natural environment.

Otowabashi Bridge
Address Setsuri Genya Kita 7-sen Higashi, Tsurui-mura
Parking Available