Gastronomy Tourism

Living with the Ezo Deer
and Appreciating the Bounty of Nature

Ezo deer, a bounty of Hokkaido’s nature,
and a hallmark of wild game cuisine

One of the issues faced by farmers all over Hokkaido is crop damage caused by Ezo deer. The extinction of the Ezo wolf, the deer’s natural predator, has led to deer numbers rising exponentially. Exacerbating this fact is the loss of habitat caused by agricultural development of forests, resulting in the deer eating crops and foresty resources.

From the viewpoint of restoring the ecological balance of forests, controlling the deer population has become an important issue. Tsurui Village conducts a deer culling program with a consideration for the environment and the Tancho cranes. Meat from the culled deer are then used in local wild game cuisine.

Ezo deer meat characteristics

  • Rich in iron
  • Healthy red meat
  • Tsurui Village venison also has a good balance of fat

An environment for offering fresh venison

Tsurui Village has the environment and facilities required to offer fresh venison with little gamey odor. Ezo deer that are taken down by hunters or caught in corral traps are processed in local facilities into fresh meat or processed food products.

Tsurui Village Gastronomy Tourism

Gastronomy tourism is defined as tourism that aims to explore a specific area’s food culture, a culture reflects the history, heritage, and traditions of the local people. Gastronomy tourism is a rapidly-growing sector in many parts of the world.
In Tsurui Village, there are several restaurants offering wild game prepared into various unique dishes. Local chefs attest to the palatability and good taste of their wild game offerings. They even go well with wine, cheese, and other local specialties.
So come and experience the wild game gastronomy of Tsurui.

Gastronomy Tourism in Tsurui
〜Taste the Wild Game Cuisine of a Small Village〜

鶴We have prepared an e-book that features information on venison processing in Tsurui Village, as well as restaurants that offer wild game cuisine (Japanese language only).