Wilderness Lodge Hickory Wind

A lodge in the middle of untouched nature

Located beside a forest on the edge of the Kushiro Shitsugen National Park, this wilderness lodge offers a wide range of activities and attractions, such as guided nature tours, canoeing, slow food, live music, and bourbon. The owner Makoto Ando’s credo is “to offer genuine experiences that can only be had at that very moment”. This is a place where guests of all ages can meet new people, learn new things, and experience everyday miracles. The lodge features a gallery that exhibits Makoto’s award-winning photos, as well as ceramics gathered from all over Japan. There is also a garage bar that is filled with his life interests, including guitars, bourbon, motorcycles, and music.

Food that lets you feel the energy of life

Makoto’s wife Shinobu is a certified Hokkaido Food Meister, and she prepares different dishes for every day of the year, making them from locally-produced ingredients. She learned to make omusubi rice balls from the famous social worker Hatsume Sato, and many guests have been moved after tasting them. Her popular rice porridge has also been acclaimed by a national weekly magazine. It is her belief that you are what you eat, and that to eat is to live, and to eat is to accept life. Many guests from all over the country have returned to the lodge just to enjoy the meals she offers.

Custom guided tours catered to every guest (can be conducted in English)

The lodge owner Makoto Ando is a certified Hokkaido Outdoor Guide as well as a professional photographer. He can offer a variety of guided nature activities, such as canoeing or trekking in the protected areas of the Kushiro Marsh. He caters each tour to the needs and preferences of every guest, while pursuing the theme of “everyday miracles” and “once in a lifetime”. You can experience breathtaking scenery and nature encounters that will make you feel the miracle of being alive. Tours can be held anywhere in Eastern Hokkaido, including the Akan Mashu National Park, the Shiretoko National Park, and the Nemuro area. Rental of cold weather gear and Swarovski binoculars is also available.

Wilderness Lodge Hickory Wind
Address Setsuri Genya 14 Kita, Tsurui-mura
Telephone 0154-64-2956
Fax 0154-64-2956
Web site http://hickorywind.jp/top-en.html
Parking Available
Foreign language response Available(English)
Cashless Payment Not available
Wifi Available
Smoking Not available